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 2019Years work target
  2019Years is the founding of new China70The anniversary,Build a well-off society in an all-round way is runoff high level、The implementation“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”The key of planning,Is the all-round Jin Pinghu ride the waves in the rise of New Year。City investment group2019Idea is in work:Exalted jinping new era of Chinese characteristic socialism great banner,Around the all-round Jin Pinghu rise of new general objective,According to the urban construction“Three years of operation”Plan,Comprehensively deepen economic innovation、Environmental regulation、The livelihood of the people to share、Tiejun to build four engineering,Skip over the waves、...
Clap to rent a public announcement 2019-06-14
Clap to rent a public announcement 2019-02-21
Clap to rent a public announcement 2018-08-30
About the printing《Ordinary employees rotational communication and implementation plan》The notice 2018-08-21
About Gu Minming comrade post appointment notice 2018-08-21
About the printing《About to carry out“Public opinion to visit、‘August 8 strategy’Big to preach、Emancipation of ideology”Activity plan》The notice 2018-08-20
Clap to rent a public announcement 2018-08-13
City pavilion side narrator registration form 2018-07-17
On hold“Faith light path•Be brilliant city people”Recitation contest 2018-06-15
City investment group comprehensive help create task breakdown the national civilized city 2018-06-15
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Project progressMore and more>>
The standing committee of the communist party、Secretary of the municipal commission for discipline inspection、City supervisor committee, director of the Stanford inspect flat ... 08-25
Guo-ping CAI minister research development of historical and cultural blocks south river head construction industry ... 08-16
Coagulation heart cohesion,Efforts to sprint!City investment group held a semi-annual work ... 08-14
Vice mayor of jian-zhong dai in-depth guide post-disaster rehabilitation work 08-14
Jian-zhong dai research city investment group, vice mayor of state-owned assets management 08-08
Jiuzhaigou county leaders visit pinghu party theme park 07-25
City investment group fully deployed to carry out ecological construction and environmental remediation 07-09
Safety production month We are in action 06-28
Dinan market facade renovation project construction 06-26
Pinghu city east bridge project key nodes of main tower steel anchor box crane as a whole ... 06-21
North road, the house in accordance with the compulsory removal 06-19
Salon jiayuan surrounding green construction is about to start construction 06-19
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[A tender announcement]Ping gallery highway reconstruction project recruit young sichuan road intersection ... 09-03
[A tender announcement]Pinghu bridge east and led lighting engineering ... 09-03
[A tender announcement]Pinghu bridge east and ramp setting construction ... 09-03
[A tender announcement]The traffic police brigade temporary parking lot vehicle engineering accident ... 09-03
[A tender announcement]Pinghu city people's procuratorate handling and professional technology ... 09-03
[The winning of the public]East lake scenic area and floating dock procurement bid by boat ... 09-03
Pinghu Wan Feng hotel project start to decorate 06-20
City investment group in the city's cultural industry project training course 06-03
South river head of historical and cultural blocks for centralized signing issue first projects 03-15
City investment group investment promotion personnel to participate in the city“Double double quote”The training course 02-26
Smart city investment group in shenzhen manufacturing industry promotion 11-06
The first international high-end five-star business hotel in the pinghu——Excellence in pullman ... 10-29
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Party construction workMore and more>>
Work dynamicsMore and more>>
Party cadres into the state-owned enterprises A total of grassroots party construction 07-10
City investment group“stay true to the missio Keep in mind that the mission”Party lecture ... 07-02
City investment group led to push construction projects for the party,Service ... 06-28
City investment group to meet“July 1”Thematic party day activity 06-24
Dinan party branch to carry out the development of company“Double, double sign”Linkage factory ... 03-22
City investment group set up the province's first state-owned enterprises“QingGongWei” 03-15
Improve the professional knowledge,Strengthen the ability to work 08-27
East lake scenic area“畾 di class” 08-27
Jiaxing city landscaping society landscape virescence maintenance of city investment group ... 08-23
Change the program strictly,Ensure project implementation according to regulation in accordance with the law 08-16
The latest house acquisition compensation scheme draft 08-16
Unity is strength,Against the wind!Udic tiejun always in Taiwan first ... 08-14
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Implementation of safety production special big check to notice 07-03
About the printing《Having special battles against putting the work plan》The notice 07-03
Pinghu city development investment(Group)Co., LTD2019 ... 07-03
About the printing《Ordinary employees rotational communication and implementation plan》的 ... 08-21
About the printing《About to carry out“Public opinion to visit、‘August 8 ... 08-20
Created for comprehensive power national civilized city2018Years“Ten ... 06-15
Pinghu2016Annual urban state-owned land on the housing levy ... 06-16
Pinghu on the state-owned land, house acquisition and compensation measures for its implementation 01-28
(The new)Pinghu city people's government on further strengthening the urban character ... 10-01
(The new)Pinghu city government investment project engineering change measures for examination and approval 09-08
Small construction project bidding procedure 10-31
Small construction project bidding management interim measures 10-31
Attendance of the project
Performance appraisalMore and more
About doing well2018The annual work objectives ... 12-28
2018Annual performance evaluation work target ... 12-26
About doing well2017The annual appraisal appraisal ... 12-28
About doing well2015Annual appraisal appraisal ... 12-31
The city of peace〔2015〕3About work ... 01-06
City briefingMore and more
Pinghu city2019In the first1Period
Pinghu city 2018In the supplement
Pinghu city(2017In the first1Period)
《Pinghu city information》(2015Years8Month ...
Four statementsMore and more
2019Years7In project construction schedule ... 08-02
2019Years6In project construction schedule ... 07-01
2019Years5In project construction schedule ... 06-10
2019Years4In project construction schedule ... 05-05
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