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Anpingxian han xin wire mesh products co., LTD

       Anpingxian han xin wire mesh products co., LTD. Is located in“Silk screen of the township”——Hebei anpingxian,Traffic developed,Transportation is convenient and quick,The geographical position is superior。Company equipment is complete,Strong,Is a set design、Production、Processing、The installation、Run in an entity company。The company has a complete、Scientific quality management system,By the good faith、Strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance。
       Anpingxian han xin wire mesh products co., LTD., specializing in the production of welded wire mesh、Mesh、The Netherlands net、Fence netting、Meg nets、Stone cage net、Crimped wire mesh、Mesh、Steel mesh、Stainless steel wire mesh、Barbed wire and other wire mesh products as well as heat preservation nail、Bolt、Glue、The grid cloth and other exterior insulation products。
       Anpingxian abide by han xin wire mesh products co., LTD“Strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of development”The operating principles,The first-class quality,Tree first-class prestige,According to the customer's development needs,Continuously provide economical and practical products and efficient and perfect after-sales service,The new and old customers common development hand in hand......

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Stainless steel wire mesh

The material of stainless steel wire mesh has a lot of,Points can be divided according to the material:301Stainless steel wire mesh、304Stainless steel wire mesh、306、316、316LStainless steel wire mesh, etc,One of them316LAnti-corrosion effect is the best,Of course is also the most expensive,A roll of stainless steel mesh thousands of yuan。Stainless steel...

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Heat preservation nail is the anchoring of exterior wall insulation is special,Galvanized by the screw、Nylon tube rises and the fixed wafers。Depending on the insulation layer thickness,Divided into a variety of specifications。Packing should be heat preservation nail products...

Along with the heat preservation nail sales growing,Market product is full of beautiful things in eyes,Variety is endless,In the face of such a large market,How do we choose high quality insulation nails?Throughout the year...

Heat preservation nail is the anchoring of exterior wall insulation is special,Galvanized by the screw、Nylon tube rises and the fixed wafers。Depending on the insulation layer thickness,Divided into a variety of specifications。Widely used in architectural decoration...

When people is for building exterior wall thermal insulation,Inevitably need thermal insulation material,Heat preservation nail as fixed material is indispensable。It is a kind of heat-resistant hardy material,That makes it in thermal insulation...

Believe that many customers hear this name can be imagined to hook flowers of the net fence netting is hooked,Elastic woven mesh,Weaving concise,Aesthetically pleasing。Good anticorrosion,Is a small field、Volleyball court、...

For bilateral hulanwang when installation should pay attention to the following questions:1,When installing a bilateral fence netting is to accurately grasp the information of various kinds of facilities,Especially in all kinds of pipe buried in the roadbed...

Frame fence netting fence netting series product is the most commonly used one,Now introduce you to frame fence fittings(Screw)Installation method:1.Screw spacing,According to the thickness,As appropriate...

Highway guardrail net is how to install?1,Highway guardrail net after the good foundation should implement the installation as soon as possible,According to the drawing requirements and actual terrain,For construction lofting,Set column center...

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