• Oil painting
  • The traditional Chinese painting
  • Prints
  • Watercolor
  • Calligraphy
  • Village in town

    Solution100*100cmOil painting


  • Weizhou diary11

    Ychao60*50cmOil painting


  • One of the street landscape

    Xue-song han95*70cmOil painting


  • Lost

    Zheng Shengjiang50*50cmThe traditional Chinese painting


  • Fragrant lotus figure

    GuBaoLiang68*68cmThe traditional Chinese painting


  • Traditional Chinese realistic painting freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese

    QuanWeiNing69*69cmThe traditional Chinese painting


  • when the snow stop falling

    Yang Meng dream26*40cmPrints


  • Living creatures tale



  • Golden imagination

    Meng Xiange60*90cmPrints


  • 【C . Two number】

    Such as tao80*55cmWatercolor


  • The jade

    Shao-wen zhang60*80cmWatercolor


  • Grasslands of kazak children

    Wei-jie tang72*54cmWatercolor


  • All rivers run into sea



  • Temperament

    Wang Linchang34*136cmCalligraphy


  • Misfortune

    Xiang-dong wang138*68cmCalligraphy


Contracted style

In extreme simplification of contemporary and contracted style at the same time pay attention to quality requirements,Tie-in proposal minimalist works mainly,Line、Patch element of abstract works,Freehand brushwork graceful ink painting works, etc。

Classical Chinese style

Chinese style classical style of decoration to more exquisite spatial location、Carved wooden furniture is given priority to,According to the Chinese traditional aesthetics“Shape”、“God”Characteristics,The building of primitive simplicity、Expensive gas and do not break kind space to experience。

American country

American country style abandoned the cumbersome and costly,Good elements in the collection and different style,With comfortable function as the guidance,Emphasis“Return to nature”,This style has become more relaxed、Comfortable。

Japanese and wind

Japanese and wind with quietly elegant of whole、Zen is given priority to,Both lay particular stress on log tonal,Concise design and approachable,Adhering to the beauty is inherent to the original state。

The Nordic amorous feelings

Boreal Europe style focusing on people、The combination of nature and the environment,Hang a picture is given priority to with plain and neutral color space,In with lines and colors to create stable space element,Seemingly casual,But it can achieve and habitant mood very fit。

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  • The flowers, still life
  • You-lin zhang
  • 40cm*50cm
  • Oil painting
  • ¥6,240.00
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  • Brocade carp
  • Lily
  • 59cm*28cm
  • Watercolor
  • ¥1,200.00
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  • Wave tide over dark snow mountain
  • Liu Feng
  • 120cm*60cm
  • The other
  • ¥9,480.00
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  • HongMeng universe
  • Nguyen from zhaohui
  • 40cm*60cm
  • Prints
  • ¥3,600.00
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  • The zodiac
  • In Thailand
  • 40cm*60cm
  • Watercolor
  • ¥1,440.00
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  • Mark-Koan series
  • Xiu-hong sun
  • 68cm*68cm
  • The other
  • ¥12,000.00
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Xiu-hong sun

Contemporary artists、Senior jewelry designer、The lecturer

  • There is

    Xiu-hong sun60*60cmWatercolor


  • Dependent

    Xiu-hong sun60*30cmThe traditional Chinese painting



Solution 1989Born in nanchang of jiangxi province ,Sichuan new youth painting, deputy secretary general.Contemporary youth academies full-time painter

  • Village in town

    Solution100*100cmOil painting


  • The old line 38 lane series

    Solution100*100cmOil painting


  • Art fly thousands of interview——Linhua.she yoon:Complete and create art is my pursuit

    Linhua.she yoon 1990Born in ganzhou in jiangxi province ,2014Graduated from hainan university college of art in environment art design major。Hainan province artist association member 、Planning committee of hainan province artists association 、Hainan youth artists association 、Hainan youth artists association, deputy director of the theory,Guangzhou and haikou now working life。

    The author:Art fly thousands2019-07-0209:22

  • Art fly thousands of interview——Chen Zhenya:The nature of art comes from life's little details

    Chen Zhenya,Graduated from an unknown design professional colleges and universities,Is currently a freelance。

    The author:Art fly thousands2019-06-1809:18

Art fly thousands nationwide mining outstanding works of art,Will be a lot of original、High quality、Through strict screening of art through the online platform to the masses。Selection criteria including: The number of exhibitions, Artists live, Get award degrees and their works are collection。We are solely responsible for express shipping,And the frame work,To provide authentic Chinese contemporary young and middle-aged artists of original art,The output of a new fashion、High quality way of life,The beauty of art really into homes。

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