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Hungry“Restart”Have open food take-away food supply

Take-away food giant is through the food supply chain businessBThe merchant。[A detailed look at it]

The release date:2018-12-27
Shentong express power acquisition transit center

[A detailed look at it]

The release date:2018-12-25
Beijing will make10The characteristics of the mall

2019Years,Beijing qianmen dashilan、The wangfujing walking street and other core business circle and huilongguan suburb isometric of business circle in the centre of the city far away will be policy support to accelerate the transformation to ascend。[A detailed look at it]

The release date:2018-12-25

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Beijing commercial documentary

Beijing business along with the rise of the new China,Because of reform and opening up and development。Time flies,Historical precipitation is not only the struggle of entrepreneurs、Business empire of fullness,Too[A detailed look at it]