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  Jiuquan conditions of seed industry co., LTD. Is a collection of seed research、Breeding、Production and processing、Sales integration of seed enterprises,Company's leading seed companies and scientific research at home and abroad in long-term breeding institutions and established substantial research and development together、Production and sales agent relations of cooperation。Successively with the United States、Germany、France、The Netherlands、Israel、South Korea、Japan and other global more than a dozen leading global seed industry to establish a long term、Stable relations of cooperation;Committed to the introduction of foreign excellent provenance、Variety of research and development independently;Especially in the corn、Kwai、Canopy、Zucchini、XiTianGua、High-end vegetables、Long sunshine import onion varieties introduced、Selection and promotion work,Has achieved fruitful results;Gold emperor、Gold everywhere、Zijin conditions such as brand import onion varieties,Has become a distribution center for onion in hexi area...
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  Characteristics: The varieties of the company for many years research and development,By optimizing material abroad of continuous selection breeding new varieties,Because of its growing strong、A high fruit setting rate of melon、Strong comprehensive resistance,Become a radiance of many varieties of night。Plants grow handsome,Stem short stem erect growth,Strong comprehensive resistance,Resistant to powdery mildew,Eppo less people,Blade circular hypertrophy、Leaf color in green、Growing strong,Resistance to low temperature、Do early,Under the condition of normal management can be old ripe melon2One or more。Fruit long cylinder。Uniform fruit type。Fruit large cavity,Average grain number in single fruit380Grain of above,Grains240Grams or more。Great full,Seed setting rate is high,Thick skin is not easy to rotten melon。The grain milky white、Colour and lustre is filled、Seed kernel bedding face full,Thin skin、Kernel is high。With per mu200-230Kg yield potential,As first choice for yield and quality is the perfect combination,Is the seed with squash the ideal upgrading products market。
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